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Cheap Website Design for SME

Superfolk June 1, 2022

Getting a fully functional website does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. A business website is essential for any small business to grow. While this is… Read more

School Management System – Folklight

Superfolk April 20, 2022

Schools sometimes battle with the challenges of lost documents, wasteful spending and energy lost in the unnecessary. Do you want to save money, get work done faster and anywhere, as… Read more

Protecting Yourself from Unsafe Website and Scams Online

Superfolk January 5, 2022

With the increase in the number of people saving sensitive information on their computers, it is important to protect yourself against online predators trying to access your files. They tend… Read more

Website design promo (Closed)

Superfolk January 4, 2022

Don’t spend too much for a website. Get a relatively cheap, responsive and optimized website for your profile, blog or business.   Get the best deal from Folklight Studios for… Read more

How to Post a Job

Superfolk November 10, 2021

A guide on how to post job on With a push of a button, you can log your job. Read more

Welcome to FolkLight!

Superfolk October 29, 2021

Welcome to FolkLight! Folklight is a platform for freelance services for schools in Nigeria. The platform is designed by FolkLight Studios, a business registered under the CAC to deliver services… Read more