Folklight Educational Programs

Education is an important tool for any society. The Folklight programs enables us to reach out to schools in Nigeria. Here are some of these programs:

Quiz Master

A free portal for quizzes and games.

This quiz platform has proven to be a strong and reliable source for all student's quiz needs.

Whether you're looking to challenge yourself, test your knowledge, or simply have some fun, our quiz platform has something for everyone. Start quizzing today! No login required.

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PlayUp Student Platform

A portal for students to earn while learning.

PlayUp helps to connect users with their families and friends by gifting them free airtime and data. A user earns airtime, data or gift items whenever you take quizzes or play games.

The idea of quizzes for rewards is popular in Nigeria. In general, a user eventually ends up getting little to nothing for their hard work. It it no tale that while the winner of a beauty pageants competition is rewarded heavily, a Mathematics champion is rewarded with a book and a pen. Folklight studios use this educative program to help in the best way we can to bridge the gap by gifting data subscriptions and airtime.

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Examination Portal

A free portal for preparing students.

Examination (examination.com.ng), a free examination portal designed for educational institutions. Our platform provides an opportunity for students to take simple to complex exams at their convenience, without any cost. In addition, the platform offer resources that enable students and individuals to enhance their examination techniques and attain success in examinations such as NECO, WAEC, JAMB and many more.

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Educational Tools

A platform for accessing educational tools for teachers.

It is news that the world is constantly evolving, and education is not an exception. As technology continues to play a larger role in our lives, it is changing the way we teach and learn. Today’s classroom is a dynamic, interactive space where students are encouraged to think critically and engage with the material in new and innovative ways.

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School Ads

A free advertisement module for schools.

The Folklight school ads is a free advertisement module for schools in Nigeria. It is a module set aside to help schools reach potential clients by sharing their activities and prospects.

Parents and/or guardians are sometimes not certain on which school to enrol their children. Sometimes, they make assumptions and enrol their children in schools far away from home.

The letter L from another point of view is just number 7. Tell us about your school and we will help you advertise your school on our platform at no cost.

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FolkLight School Portal

A cloud based online school management system.

The Folklight school portal is a relative cheap portal for school management. It is designed to help schools with staff and student management, report card management, exams and quizzes, assignment module and classroom forums among others.

The solution help schools do more with less input. The system is easy to use, effective, secure and cost-efficient. The portal help school save printing cost on exam papers, report card printing, note copying etc.

The need to do task remotely is made possible with the FolkLight school management system.

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Super Window

Folklight program for the less privileged.

Super Window

"If you can't feed a hundred people, feed one"
~ Mother Teresa

There is a child beside you who needs your help.
Feed him or her with hope, love, inspiration and the zeal to imagine!

Support our Super Window program!
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