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Folklight is a platform for freelance services for schools in Nigeria. The platform is designed by FolkLight Studios, a business registered under the CAC to deliver services to educational institutions in Nigeria. Learn more about us.

We offer services ranging from web development to game and application development, school management software solutions, consultancy services among others. Click here for the full list of services we render on the platform.

Folklight equally deliver business solutions to help schools with advertisement. Our school ads module help schools advertise through our platforms for free. This comes with some terms and conditions anyways. Click here to learn more about this package.

Folklight also run a free school portal for students in the upper primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. This portal is called Imago. Imago is an online portal where students of diverse background and intellect come together to play games, take quizzes, examinations, interact with other students among others.

This platform has a relatively cheap portal for schools to host their data, manage examinations, assignments, and report cards. Learn more about the School Portals…

The Folklight platform is packed with some hidden benefits for schools to tap from. Do business with us today. Contact us using our contact page or by clicking on the floating phone number hanging at the header of this page.

Thank you!

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