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FAQ Section

The following are Frequently Asked Questions on the platform.

About FolkLight

FolkLight is an online market place for freelance services particularly for schools in Nigeria. It is designed by FolkLight Studios for teachers with exceptional skills to do business. This platform gives schools a searchlighted business solution and teachers the opportunity to earn extra with their extra-ordinary skills. Learn More About Us

What we do

FolkLight is an online market place that delivers the following business solutions:

  • We (FolkLight) assist schools with digital solutions to enhance the effectiveness of teachers. In the process, enables school do more with less input of resources. We offer freelance services for both remote jobs.
  • We assist schools with digital solutions such as the development of School Management Software, Game & App development, Website development, Blog & Content Writing, Data Entry & Management, Illustrations & Animation, Graphics Design- logo, card, banner, flyer, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing among others.
  • In the best of our ability, we provide consultancy services for educational institutions such as General Marketing, Project Management, Counselling, Recruitment Process, and Budgeting & Planning and so on.
  • Among other services. Learn More About our Services

Is my data Safe?

All information (comments, names, files, email, phone number etc.) retrieved on this platform is Stored on the Cloud. We ensure that they are safe by carrying out double encryption of your logged in information and routine backup and maintenance. Kindly refraim from sharing your login information with anyone.

How we use your data

We use the login details provided at the point of registration to help with securing your data. We do not share your personal data with a third party except it was relating to legal issues and requested by the Government. Some of your activities and prefrences may be retrieved by third party services we use. Please lean more about our Data Privacy Policy

To Post a Job

As a client, use the "Contact Us" button in the menu item go to our contact page and fill in the form. You can equally contact us (call or whatsapp) using the the number displayed here. +234 810 223 0556

Here, you will need to specify your job description and some other information and we will find the perfect fit for the job.


Agents are registered on the platform by the admin. The registration is based on recommendation by our team or by sending an application to our email or send a whatsapp message to this number Chat on WhatsApp.

Login Page

The login page for sellers is quite unique. Each seller (agent) is given a personal login link. This will be made available after a successful registration process.

Folk portals are modules designed by FolkLight to help schools in administrative and managerian actvities. Some are free packages while others may cost less than running a website. We currently run Two modules as shown below.

School Portal:

FolkLight designed a simple cloud based solution to manage school examination, test or other assessment, report card, Id card, staff and student management among others. This solution is secure, reliable and cost-efficient. Learn more

Imago Portal:

The Imago portal is free portal designed for students, parents and teachers from all background. It is a platform where the wings of students are developed through continuous and sensational learning. Learn more

About School Ads:

School ads is a Free advertising solution designed by FolkLight to help schools advertise their establishement on our platforms (this website, our affiliate website among others).

Terms & Condition:

Though this solution is free, an establishment can only subscribe to this package if the school:

You can contact us using any of the following mode

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