Folklight, in collaboration with Diligent Hand, organized a series of game development classes, and our team was tasked with creating an eye-catching flyer to promote the program. The client’s objective was to design a visually striking and captivating flyer that would generate excitement and interest among potential participants.

We at Folklight Studios embraced the challenge and put our best efforts into crafting an exceptional solution for the flyer design. Our primary focus was to create a design that effectively conveyed the dynamic and engaging nature of the game development classes.

Drawing from our expertise in graphic design and marketing, we utilized a vibrant and colorful palette to infuse the flyer with an energetic and captivating visual appeal. By carefully selecting and combining attractive hues, we aimed to capture the attention of the target audience and create an immediate sense of excitement.

Project Summary

Client Information: Diligent Hand, Abuja
Duration: About 3 days
Date of Completion: May 2023
Table 1: Information on the project

Image of Flyer

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