PlayUp is a program designed by FolkLight Studios that pays players for their expertise across all subject areas. Users of this site are also given the opportunity to learn new things every day by reading articles or educational resources, playing educational games, or taking general quizzes.

In any community, education is a crucial instrument for forming the financial and socio-cultural structure of an individual. PlayUp facilitates connections between users and their loved ones by providing them with free airtime. In conclusion, every time a user play games or take quizzes, they are rewarded with free airtime, data, or gifts.

Client Information: Folklight Platforms
Duration: Less than 5 months
Tools Used:JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Ajax, CSS, MySQL etc.
Date of Completion: March 2022
Table 1: Information on the project


This web platform is open for all students and visitors. It was designed by Folklight Studios to help students earn as they learn.

Click this link to visit PlayUp Website


Below are some screenshots of the web platform.

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