The client approached Folklight Studios with a requirement for a unique application that could be installed on a child’s computer to aid in improving spelling skills. Folklight Studios rose to the challenge and developed the innovative Spelling Bee app, designed to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging for children.

The Spelling Bee app encompasses multiple levels that progressively enhance the child’s spelling abilities through interactive features, captivating sound effects, and dictations. Each level is carefully crafted to provide a fun and educational experience, promoting effective learning outcomes.

One of the client’s key objectives was to create a user interface that would captivate and sustain a child’s interest in the application. To fulfill this requirement, Folklight Studios designed the app’s interface to resemble a playful bee-themed playground. This visually appealing environment ensures that the child remains fully engaged and motivated while using the app, fostering a sense of excitement and enjoyment throughout the learning process.

Project Summary

Client Information: Architect Nnamdi (Abuja)
Duration: About 2 months
Date of Completion: March 2021
Table 1: Information on the project


The client was very pleased with the design, especially the user interface that feels like a bee.


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