Typing App (Desktop)

Published on: November 17, 2021

Title: Typing App (Desktop)

The project was to design an app that will engage a student with special need. Our team noticed the need to enhance the child’s focus by creating three games, one of which is the Typing app (game). This app pulls out random sentences that becomes complex with a change in level. The child is expected to type the words shown on his screen with his keyboard.

C# programming language was used to develop this application from scratch to finish with Visual Studio 2019.


Client Information: A concerned Parent
Duration: Less than 2 month
Amount: Above NGN20,000.00
Tools Used:Dot Net, C#, Visual Studio, Corel Draw
Date of Completion: September 2020
Reviews: Not applicable
Communication Mode:WhatsApp, Email, Phone
Mode of Delivery: Local
Table 1: Information on the project


Our client was pleased with the applications sent. This was their favorite.


Below are some screenshots of the application.

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