About School Ads:

School ads is a Free advertising solution designed by FolkLight to help schools advertise their establishement on our platforms (This website, our affiliate website among others).

Terms & Condition:

Though this solution is free, an establishment can only subscribe to this package if:

  1. Your school will be willing to comply with our terms and condition of service.
  2. Your school is registered with appropriate government agency.
  3. Your school is located in any part of Nigeria.
  4. Your school have in one way or the other purchased any of our product & services.

How to Enlist Your School:

A qualified school can forward their school information (word document or text document), a video and/or images (png or jpg) to the email displayed below. Note that the information should include the following:

  1. Your school name (Short name and fullname).
  2. Your school sluggan or motto.
  3. Your school address and location (full address).
  4. Your contact (phone, email, website).
  5. The services rendered by your school (E.g. Primary, Secondary).
  6. About your school (not less than 150 words).

Please note that you are to provide the following images; your school logo, a header image and others (not more than 10 images) for your gallery). If you are providing a video clip, make sure that the duration is not more than 15 minutes.

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