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"If you can't feed a hundred people, feed one"
~ Mother Teresa

You're Welcome!

The aim of this program is to help the less privilege attain quality education and support. We are using this medium to solicit your support to help a child in need. Join us in this quest and together, we will achieve this goal. Feed a child with hope, love, inspiration and the zeal to imagine!

How to Support Us

A portion of our earnings on this platform goes to schools in need. By doing business with us, you are involved in the Superwindow program.


You can apply the following means to support the Superwindow program:

  1. Feed a student everyday with love, support and substances .
  2. Pay the P.T.A Level for a student or pupil in any government school near you.
  3. Supply books, pen, pencils and other school materials to a school in your neighbourhood
  4. Help with certain provisions (e.g. soap, detergents, sachet milk, etc.) to young learners (especially in boarding school)
  5. Help to provide transport system for school children either by taking them to school (sometimes), or by supporting a state or local government bus system where applicable.
  6. Supply furniture and fittings to schools without chairs, desks, chalkboard, lockers, shelves etc.
  7. Give money to schools around you for renovation of classrooms, halls, labs and conveniences among others

Thank You!

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