In a year, you come across 365 opportunities at least. You will need a website to promote your business and reach out to your customers. Folklight studios is offering you a chance to build one with as low as 10K.

Don’t spend too much for a website. Get a relatively cheap, responsive and optimized website for your profile, blog or business.   

Get the best deal from Folklight Studios for as low as 9,700 Naira for the first year.

Consequent subscription may range from 10,000 naira or 13,000 naira or higher based on the hosting plan or domain name you purchased initially.

Please contact us for more information as regards this promo. Stay connected, always!

About this offer

You will get a fully customizable, responsive website for 9,500 or even lower price. This is how it goes.

  1. All you are paying for is your domain name and hosting for a year.
  2. You have an option of opting for a .ng or .com.ng domain extension. The later (i.e. .com.ng) will cost you less than the amount approximated for the website.
  3. The storage space is about 2Gig and 600Mb of speed. This is quite fast and can be boosted.
  4. You are not paying for development and installation. It absolutely free.
  5. You have an email support tool attached. Your messages can be sent to your email directly.
  6. Your data is hosted on Google cloud. This means that you can access your data always and pretty secure.
  7. The setup will be made in less than a week and you can start building contents to your website.
  8. You website can be extended to whatsoever function you intended (more features may cost you more).
  9. It is customizable. Say the word and we’ll get it done.

Terms of Service

  1. The offer stand till February 1, 2022.
  2. We will manage your platform for at least a year before you can request for a transfer.
  3. Additional features that requires tools, apps or dynamic pages may cost you more for design and running.
  4. This a new business module, kindly read our Terms and Conditions page to learn about our Terms & Conditions.

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